Terms and Conditions

Maydena Collective Terms and Conditions 

1. Maydena Collective membership benefits are only valid for the individual membership holder.
2. Maydena Collective memberships are non-refundable.
3. Memberships are only transferrable a single time. Transfers are completed only through the Maydena Bike Park office for a transfer fee of $50.00.
4. Membership merchandise will be produced for the individual member. A delay of 8-12 weeks should be expected before membership packs are received.
5. Premium member VIP uplift days will be allocated one to two months prior to park opening. Members may elect to book any alternative day during year one of operation, where booking allocation is available.
6. Maydena Bike Park anticipate selling out daily uplift capacity frequently. Neither level of Collective membership provides any guarantee of booking availability on any given day.
7. The individual membership holder is entirely responsible for any misuse of the membership and/or any membership benefits.
8. Any misuse of the membership and/or membership benefits may result in cancellation of the membership, without refund.
9. Any misuse of park facilities, and/or breach of park rules, regulations and/or rider responsibility code may result in cancellation of membership, without refund.