Our number one goal at Maydena Bike Park is to keep our guests safe!

As we are a gravity-focused bike park we strongly recommend considering more protective equipment than you may wear on a typical trail ride.

We also have some minimum bike equipment requirements that must be complied with. After reading the below, if you have any further questions, please contact our Guest Services Team here.

Rider Responsibility Code

Personal Safety Equipment

The following safety equipment is mandatory for all riders;

  • An Australian Standards approved helmet
  • Closed-toe shoes

The following safety equipment is strongly recommended;

  • Full face helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Elbow protection
  • Knee protection

Hire equipment is available if required.

Bike Standards

All bikes must be in good working order. We strongly recommend checking brakes, all bolts and bike equipment prior to arriving. If your bike is not appropriate or in good working order, we reserve the right to refuse its use in our park.

The following bike equipment is mandatory for all riders;

  • Front and rear working disc brakes
  • Front suspension

The following bike equipment is strongly recommended;

  • Full suspension mountain bike with minimum 130mm suspension travel
  • Aggressive tyres with a minimum size of 2.1 inches

Hire equipment is available if required.


All riders must sign our waiver once per year before riding in the park.

On Arrival

On arrival, all riders must check in with our Guest Services Team. The team can answer any questions you may have and can recommend the best trails to suit your ability and the daily conditions.

We strongly suggested all riders save a copy of our trail map to their phones, and download the Trailforks phone application (free to download and use).

We strongly recommend not riding alone. If you are riding alone you will be asked to provide us with some additional information so we can ensure you finish your riding session safely.

Warming Up

Our bike park features a huge elevation and range and some incredibly challenging trails. Due to the gravity-focused nature of our trails, many riders will find our trails much more difficult than what they may be used to.

We strongly recommend riders warm up and commence their riding on our beginner (IMBA Green Circle) trails, before gradually progressing to more difficult trails.

Progressing Your Riding

Our bike park has a huge variety of trails, which allow riders to progress their skills safely. Our staff can advise you on the best trails for working on any particular skills.

If you wish to learn best-practice riding skills, we strongly suggest considering one of our bike school sessions, which are offered daily.


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