Debunk our Damage Waiver

Take the stress out of renting, a damage waiver removes any charges from damage or breakages. For ultimate piece of mind, reduce your rental bike damage liability to $0

Your Questions Answered

What does it cover?

Our damage waiver covers you for any crash-related damage whilst riding. For example if your derailleur breaks off on a rock or you bend a pedal, you are not liable for these repair costs. 

How much does it cost?

The damage waiver is $30/day per bike.

Is it worth it? How much do some of the items usually cost?

All prices listed are approximate.

Brake Lever (Bend or snap) – $35
Derailleur Hanger – Bend $15 / Break – $25
Pedal – Bent/Broken $50
Shifter Lever – Bent/Broken $65
Handlebar – Bent/Broken $70
Rear Derailleur – Broken/Bent $130
Crankset – Bent/Broken $150
Fork or Shock Stanchion Damage (All) – $550
Mainframe Damage (Causing no ongoing use) – $2000+

Can I hire a bike and not pay the damage waiver?

The damage waiver is not required to rent a bike. However, any crash-related damage will be charged to you, including the cost of the parts and labour.

What is not covered by the damage waiver?

If you have purchased the damage waiver, there are some circumstances that the waiver does not cover. The damage waiver does not cover any theft, deliberate damage or non-riding related damage. For example a bike that has been visibly abused or vandalised or your bike gets run over in the parking lot.


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