Get to know the crew behind Maydena Bike Park


Managing Director

The man behind Maydena Bike Park. Simon is a born and bred Tasmanian and owns the renowned trail-building company, Dirt Art. Simon combined his love of mountain biking and trail building to deliver Maydena Bike Park to the world.

Hometown: Hobart, TAS
Favourite Trail: Spruce Moose
Favourite MBP Lap: King Brown > Orbit > Billy Bob > Maxed Out
Riding Style: Fast & planted
Fun Fact: Australian Downhill Junior National Champ in 2000


General Manager

The Canadian fella usually behind the mic, in front of the camera or coming up with new and exciting event ideas. But his day job really steering the ship that is Maydena Bike Park.

Hometown: Calgary AB, Canada
Favourite Trail: Kodiak Carnage
Favourite MBP Lap: King Brown > Billy Bob > The Local > Moss Def > Maydena Hits > Tyenna
Riding Style: Slow and aggressive
Fun Fact: I almost bit my tongue off doing a backflip and now I can’t stick my tongue out at people very well… it’s sad.


Head Chef

You’ll find Matt in the kitchen with the beats up loud, cooking some tasty treats to keep you refuelled and ready for the next lap.

Hometown: Devonport, Tasmania
Favourite Trail: Funky Cold Maydena
Favourite MBP Lap: Lower Mountain laps of The Local, Colorblind and Scandinavia > Tyenna> Showtime
Riding Style: Slow but stylish
Fun Fact: My first job was working at KFC…. yes I know the secret herbs and spices!


Guest Services & Administration Manager

Samantha is the first person you see when you walk in the door to check in the morning or answering your calls and emails.


Media, Marketing & Communications Manager

Affectionately known as The Sherrif, Ryan is our photo and video guru. While most of his work is behind the lens, you can find Ryan in the park helping out most days. Proceed with caution if you plan to ride through the beer garden or be on the pump track without a helmet or else you may meet Ryans’s alter ego, Sherrif Bryan Ferguson.

Hometown: Victor Harbor, South Australia
Favourite Trail: Dark Crystal, Whistler
Favourite MBP Lap: King Brown > Marriotts > Billy Bob > Moss Def > The Local > Maydea Hits > Tyenna > Showtime
Riding Style: Average
Fun Fact: Almost always hungry


Workshop & Rentals Manager

Brendan is a problem solver and bicycle puzzler who is always keen to help get you back on the hill if you’ve had a mechanical. He’ll also hand you your rental and tell you how sick the trails are running!

Hometown: Toowoomba QLD
Favourite Trail: Gravitron, Rutherford BC
Favourite MBP Lap: Styx & Stones > Supercross > Dirt Church > The Local
Riding Style: Goofin but having the best time
Fun Fact: I used to fix fuel bowsers!


Café and Bar Team Lead / Bike School Instructor

Easily recognisable as the bearded ginger fellow behind the bar, Sam is our hype man, always excited about riding and the outdoors. If your looking for trail recommendations or hikes in the area he’s the guy to talk to.

Hometown: Albany, WA
Favourite Trail: Dirt Merchant, Whistler
Favourite MBP Lap: King Brown > Creekside > Supercross > Dirt Church > The Local > Maydena Hits > Big Hips.
Riding Style: Just for fun
Fun Fact: Before I started Mountain biking I used to ride horses in rodeos and wanted to be a cowboy.


Operational Support

Jackie is our saviour at the park, keeping on top of organisation for the whole management team. Answering emails, and calls, keeping track of finances and so much more.

Hometown: Melbourne, VIC
Favourite Trail: Moss Boss (and when I’m feeling brave I do love a bit of Billy Bob)
Favourite MBP Lap: Full Waratah > Top Quoll > Moss Boss / Funky Cold Maydena > Thrashhorse > Nordic > Tyenna
Riding Style: Just for fun
Fun Facts: Mum of 3 (to Boston Terriers Cure, Puzzle & Soda) Part-time wildlife volunteer treating sick wombats in the wild. Strong dislike of coriander. Mildly OCD. My favourite colour is Green. Terrified of moths.


Bike Patrol Team Lead

You’ll see me or my team walking around in red either down at base or talking about the best lines up on the hill. We are the first to help if you are in need of any.

Hometown: Yass, NSW
Favourite Trail: King Brown
Favourite MBP Lap: Kingbrown > Marriots > Uppercut > Creekside > Supercross > Funky Cold Maydena > Scandinavia > Lower Colour Blind > Tyenna
Riding Style: Weird and wonderful
Fun Fact:  Olives are not my favourite


Safety Team Coordinator

One of the team you don’t want to meet professionally, but if you do, will try to make your worst day in the bike park as entertaining as possible.

Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania
Favourite Trail: Petzen Flow Country Trail
Favourite MBP Lap: Pandani > Waratah > Funky Cold Maydena > Scandinavia > Lower Colour Blind > Tyenna
Riding Style: Aiming for entertainment – giggles mandatory
Fun Fact: Keen on almost every adventure sport, if I haven’t tried it, then I am definitely keen!


Head Coach – Bike School

Previously a plumber Justin now devotes his time to riding as much as possible. He now has over 7 years of coaching experience in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. What he enjoys the most about coaching is the opportunity to share his passion and experience with new riders, helping them progress and learn new skills.

Hometown: Wagga Wagga
Favourite Trail: Dark crystal
Favourite MBP Lap:
Riding Style: Usually sideways on and off the ground
Fun Fact:

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